These kids aren't survivors, they're heroes

A Marketers View On The CDH Community

1. These parents are strong. - Don't mess with CDH parents. These folks are passionate, driven and totally unstoppable.  

2. ECMO is everything - As I have interacted with different doctors and parents I have learned how you do ECMO is everything. Its a very sensitive process that requires an incredible amount of attention on the details of the patient.

3. Lots of Divides - I had never heard of CDH before I joined the Tiny Hero Team. Since then, I have seen so many CDH parents fight amongst themselves about doctors, hospitals and charities. Its upsetting to see such a small community divide amongst themselves so quickly. Recently, I have seen a group of people come together and stand above the divides. They don't care where you take your baby or where you donate--they just care about you. I have found them here. 

4. Zolman's = Angels - I am inspired by their kindness and generosity. They don't turn anyone asking for help away. No message left unanswered. They believe they can reach every family. They want complete healing for everyone and wont stop fighting till it happens.

5. Stronger Together - We have strength in numbers. Together we can change the way the world looks at CDH forever. 

I love this community & Tiny Hero. I know we can do this together. 

sending love,

Jacob Dunford (Tiny Hero Marketing Guy)