"After a good bit of Googling, we discovered that CDH is not just a hernia." - Savannah CDH Story

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We first heard those 3 little letters, in that order, for the first time when I was 24 weeks pregnant.  The day it happened is all a blur.  I remember thinking, “Oh, just a hernia?  A hernia’s not that bad.”  But of course later that night, after a good bit of googling, we discovered that CDH is not just a hernia.  In Savannah’s case, her left side was affected and as my pregnancy progressed, so did her CDH. 


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We ended up inducing at 37 weeks since her little body was starting to struggle already.  We found out after she was born that her liver was definitely up, along with her stomach and intestines.  Hours after she was born she needed her big repair surgery, and then she spent 8 long and terrifying days on ECMO.  She also later needed the Nissan and g-tube surgeries because feeding and reflux were a struggle.  Dr. Kays said she wanted the Cadillac of CDH journeys because she wanted to experience it all. 

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As we were finally preparing for discharge after 2 months in the hospital, we learned that Savannah had small brain bleeds during her time on ECMO.  We were told to expect slight delays in the beginning, but as she grew she proved once again that nothing would hold her back.  Her speech and gross motor skills were always in keeping with other kids her age, and she was on the charts for both weight and height.  Looking at her now, at 3 years old, you’d never know she’d been through anything.  She is a happy, healthy, and athletic little girl.  She loves gymnastics, dancing, singing, and is a social butterfly.  


I really hope her story gives you hope.  Thank you for taking the time to read about my strong little girl.

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