"He has survived more than most babies and he is thriving." - Jaxson's Story


This is Jaxson Robert LCDH survivor. Before Jaxson was born, there was zero doubt in our minds that Dr. Kays was the right doctor for our son. After being given little to no chance of survival by other doctors, our first meeting with Dr. Kays was a sigh of relief. He demonstrated knowledge, care, and passion right away. And boy were we right. Our son was a challenging case and yet here he is! He is home, he has survived more than most babies and he is thriving. Jaxson is an ECMO LCDH survivor. He had his repair surgery day 1, was put on ECMO day 2 and stayed on ECMO for 12 days. He also endured many complications during his 92 day NICU stay. At 7 days old he had an intestinal perforation, at 3 weeks old suffered a pulmonary hemorrhage, and at 2 months old had a horrible infection. We know that it is because of God and the skills he has given Dr. Kays that we are able to enjoy our son and watch him grow despite all the challenges he faced early on. To this day, we have not met a doctor or surgeon like him and we would travel to all ends of the earth for his care. Jaxson is smart, he's energetic, joyful, and curious. He loves learning and exploring and is an amazing big brother to his little sister, Ava. We are coming up on his third birthday, and we can't help but be eternally thankful for Dr. David Kays and all he does for his cherubs! - Jaxson's Mom, Dad & Sister