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"We needed to process it all and try our hardest not to look up things on Google...but you know we did. " - Max's CDH Story

After twenty-eight days in the hospital, we were able to go home. I know that stay seems so short compared to some, but I am so thankful how amazingly well he did and continues to do! Max will be 2 years old next month and has never had any other health issues.

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"I went from not knowing CDH existed one day to allowing it to control me, my every thought, and every emotion." - Arabella's CDH Story

We paid an outside source for an early gender reveal. We delayed going home be we could not contain our excitement to finally have a girl. We were over the moon. We celebrated and danced around singing "we're having a girl." Little did we know how irrelevant gender was during the anatomy scan.

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"We held our living, breathing baby for the first time on Day 29- truly a moment neither of us will ever forget." - Micah's CDH Story

The overwhelming support of family, friends, employers, and the CDH community coupled with many, many miracles sprinkled throughout the next five months enabled us to relocate from California to Florida in preparation for Micah's arrival.  God’s hand was so evidently involved in every step of the way.

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