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"Livia is our absolute world, and we are so blessed. We have had the roughest few years, but they have been the best of our lives." - Livia's CDH Story

Every day there was less medication and less oxygen. She eventually came home at 51 days old. No oxygen and feeding orally. SHE DID IT!

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" Colt was born fighting. He let out a little cry and fought the intubation. I was able to get a very quick look at him before he was taken to the CVICU." - Colt's CDH Story

After coming home, Colt has thrived. He was cleared by cardio. He's gained weight like a normal baby would. He's on normal well baby visits without weight checks in between. At 5 months old, he's already sitting up on his own.

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"But the most important piece of information he gave us was his prediction that Charlotte would have a 95% chance of survival." - Charly's CDH Story

I don’t remember much about our conversation except for that she asked me what Charly’s name was. She asked if we had other kids, how old, what her name was. She asked how long we’d been married. We were people to her. Not another opportunity to experiment. We scheduled a call with Dr. Kays within a few days and spoke with him for over an hour.

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