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“Caleb is now a 17-year-old high school honor student who is musically talented and a varsity baseball player." - Caleb T. CDH Story

We went home with more questions than we had going to that appointment. In a short amount of time, we learned what we could about this life-threatening birth defect. We also learned that Pediatric Surgeon Dr. David Kays had one of the highest survival rates in the world for a congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair.

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"We heard the news through a filter: all we gathered was "defect," "severe," and "surgery." - Tuanny's CDH Story

Tuanny is now a year old, already had his annual check up with Dr. Kays, and has done extremely well at home. He battled through a few colds and had a bad bout of stomach flu and an ER visit but reached some great milestones:  rolled over at four months, crawled around between six and seven months, and has been scaling the walls and walking with assistance since eight months.

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