Zaria's CDH Story - Left CDH - Liver Up

Our daughter Zaria was born on August 30th 2018. During my wife’s pregnancy she made all the scheduled doctors appointments and ultrasounds etc. Which did not show Zaria’s CDH. It wasn’t until the first few minutes after she was born that the doctors knew something was wrong.

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Thank God for the staffs training and fast actions that saved our daughters life. It’s the most traumatic experience my wife and I ever had. The delivery went very well. However the moment she was born she was not breathing. We watched as our new born daughter coded twice. The doctors and nurses scrambled to keep her alive. She was then immediately taken to the NICU.

My wife and I left in the delivery accompanied by my wife’s younger sister and grandmother. Moments later a doctor from the NICU came to our room and explained to us that our new born daughter had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. This was explained to us, by the doctor, within a few minutes. The doctor told us that Zaria would be transported to John Hopkins All Children’s In St. Pete Florida where the nations top surgeon for CDH is and that she would be in good hands.

Zaria's CDH Story - Left CDH - Liver Up

Devastated as the hospital staff prepared for an immediate discharge so that my wife and I could be with our daughter. There was a room available at the Ronald McDonald House upon our arrival. We were so fortunate for that. We sat by our daughters side every waking hour it seemed. She was scheduled for her surgery within a few weeks. I remembered thinking so many things. How and why is this happening. My wife and I cried and prayed each day that passed. Finally Zaria had the surgery. The procedure went well.

As the days passed Zaria seemed to progress with her recovery. There were a few concerned moments but with prayer and support we got through it. My wife would read aloud to her and I would sing to her. Zaria was very aware of our voices. The surgery team explained to us that Zaria was on the better end of the spectrum for CDH (thank God) and that they were able to use stitches and no mesh was used. We were at JHAC for about 22 days. We are very fortunate for JHAC and the care our daughter received. However, during our time there, a few CDH babies did not make it while others stayed for a much longer period of time. Our hearts go out to them and the families. We made some acquaintances with other parents who were there the same time Zaria was. It is so great to see how each baby progresses as the months go by. Zaria is now just about 8 months old and doing very well. We would like to thank TinyHero for all of their support. We have been blessed to find such an amazing program!