"He has survived more than most babies and he is thriving." - Jaxson's Story

He also endured many complications during his 92-day NICU stay. At 7 days old, he had an intestinal perforation; at 3 weeks old, he suffered a pulmonary hemorrhage; and at 2 months old, he had a horrible infection. We know that it is because of God and the skills he has given Dr. Kays that we are able to enjoy our son and watch him grow, despite all the challenges he faced early on.

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"She was bi-lateral. She had liver coming in through the right and left side." - Hazel's Story

Hazel had her repair surgery at 9 days old. Dr. Kays said her hole was huge. She had a full right lung and a nub for a left lung. He told us how Hazel really was a unique one. She ended up being bi-lateral, which is obviously the worst case, but had the best type of hernia to have a Morgagni hernia (an opening through the front instead of the back).

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"My son did not cry—but he was beautiful." - Par's Story

He is excelling in school and LOVES all sports—especially contact sports!  His endurance is better than most kids his own age- he is an incredible soccer player and as luck would have it, he is pretty good at golf, too!  We thank God daily for this miracle who is constantly talking, driving us crazy about college sports scores, and wanting to play outside 24/7.

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Fiona Desenberg