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"I went from not knowing CDH existed one day to allowing it to control me, my every thought, and every emotion." - Arabella's CDH Story

We paid an outside source for an early gender reveal. We delayed going home be we could not contain our excitement to finally have a girl. We were over the moon. We celebrated and danced around singing "we're having a girl." Little did we know how irrelevant gender was during the anatomy scan.

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"She’s currently in physical therapy and speech therapy, doing the things that my prior MFM said she would NEVER do!" - Kennedi's CDH Story

She was placed on ECMO at less than an hour old and had her repair surgery was done at 6 hours old while on ECMO.  She stayed on ECMO for 13 days.  95% of Kennedis’ left diaphragm was missing and Dr. Kays said her lungs where so small they were nonexistent. 

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