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"We held our living, breathing baby for the first time on Day 29- truly a moment neither of us will ever forget." - Micah's CDH Story

The overwhelming support of family, friends, employers, and the CDH community coupled with many, many miracles sprinkled throughout the next five months enabled us to relocate from California to Florida in preparation for Micah's arrival.  God’s hand was so evidently involved in every step of the way.

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"After receiving the CDH diagnosis, we were advised to consider termination, so we left the appointment with little hope and with no direction. " - Scarlett's CDH and CHD Story

Despite her setbacks and despite undergoing open-heart surgery, she is a healthy, happy baby. She shows no signs of pulmonary hypertension, is off oxygen support, and is off all medications related to CDH, despite having been born with only 20% of her left lung.

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