"My son did not cry—but he was beautiful." - Par's Story

He is excelling in school and LOVES all sports—especially contact sports!  His endurance is better than most kids his own age- he is an incredible soccer player and as luck would have it, he is pretty good at golf, too!  We thank God daily for this miracle who is constantly talking, driving us crazy about college sports scores, and wanting to play outside 24/7.

Fiona Desenberg
"Kennedy...a life they said wouldn't be worth living"

Kennedy's corrective surgery was at 5 days old. There was enough diaphragm left to sew it together instead of using a patch. She did well but struggled with eating and reflux. At one month old, a feeding tube was placed and a Nissen procedure done. We left the NICU and headed home at 2 months old. 7 surgeries later and 11 years old, we are beyond grateful to Dr. Kays and his team!!!

featured, olderJake Nelson
"CDH has not defined him." - Austin's Story

In eleven years, some of the memories from the NICU have faded. We have a reminder of Tug’s beginning of life through a scar that remains on his chest. However, the gift we have been given through Dr. Kays’ care is a son who is not afraid to be his own unique self.

olderJake Nelson