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"Gabriel’s story is unique because he not only went undiagnosed all throughout my pregnancy, but he was diagnosed by chance at 4 months of age. " - Gabriel's CDH Story

She tried to look at me with a reassuring look, but I knew something was very wrong. I said through tears in my eyes “just tell me.” She said she could not hear any breathing sounds on the left side of his body.

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"In 27 years, I’ve conquered 10 surgeries, 5 repairs, graduated with my RN, BSN, now working in a hospital and became a wife to an amazing husband and proud mama of two! " - Taylor's CDH Story

I was born with undiagnosed LCDH in 1991 in a small rural hospital. The doctors notice something was wrong with me right from the start as I entered the world blue. It was too foggy to be life flighted to the nearest NICU which was two hours away, so I was taken by ground. Not even 24 hours old my parents had to make the decision to put me on ECMO.

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